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Executive officers

Archbishop Demetrios Appoints National Philoptochos President and National Board 2016-2018

On October 30, 2018, His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in America, and Chairman of the Greek Orthodox Ladies Philoptochos Society announced the reappointment of Maria Logus of New York to a third term as National Philoptochos President at the inaugural meeting of the 2018-2020 National Philoptochos Board.

His Eminence gave the oath of office to the new National Board for the term 2018-2020. The members of the new Executive Board are: Jeannie Ranglas, First Vice President; Evangeline Mekras Scurtis, Second Vice President; Joanne Stavrakas, Third Vice President; Barbara Pasalis, Secretary; Martha Stefanidakis, Treasurer; and Georgia Vlitas, Assistant Treasurer. In advisory positions are Maria Stavropoulos, Protocol Officer; Irene Steffas, Parliamentarian; with the Legal Advisor to be named.

Continuing in their role on the Executive Board are Jennifer Constantin, Direct Archdiocesan District President; Elaine Zetes, Metropolis of Boston President; Barbara Vittas, Metropolis of Denver President; Irene Politis, Metropolis of Atlanta President; Theone Dickos, Metropolis of Detroit President; Crystal Thomas, Metropolis of Pittsburgh President; Jeannie Ranglas, Metropolis of San Francisco President; Anastasia Michals, Metropolis of New Jersey President and Pam Argyris, Metropolis of Chicago President.

Maria Logus, Esq.
Maria Logus, Esq.

National Philoptochos President Maria Logus
2018 - 2020

Maria Logus is a lifelong resident of the New York City borough of Brooklyn and parishioner at Kimisis Tis Theotokou Church. She is a retired attorney for the New York State Unified Court System, and has had over three decades of legal experience. She studied at New York University and Brooklyn Law School. She joined Philoptochos at age 18, following in the footsteps of her grandmother, and her mother, who held several positions in the organization. In 1986, Archbishop Iakovos of North and South America of blessed memory appointed Miss Logus to the Philoptochos National Board in the role of Parliamentarian. Multiple leadership roles followed, including Chair for two National Conventions and First Vice President under Presidents Mimi Skandalakis, Eve Condakes, and Georgia Skeadas. She was President of the Board of Saint Basil Academy for several years and served on the boards of Hellenic College Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology and St. Michael’s Home. Her paternal grandparents hail from Constantinople and her maternal grandparents are from the island Limnos.

Maria has provided valuable services to the Philoptochos and to the Archdiocese for many years and was eager to offer even more when appointed president in 2014. Her vision as president, Maria Logus has stated in and interview with The National Herald in 2014, that “Philoptochos doesn’t have the luxury of any single priority. We live in an increasingly complex world and we have to be prepared to respond to multiple challenges both anticipated and unexpected in vibrant meaningful ways, but we also have to combine with the readiness to answer the unknown with an unwavering commitment to the institutions of the Archdiocese."

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First Vice President and Metropolis of San Francisco President - Jeannie Ranglas

Jeannie Ranglas was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She moved to San Diego, California to marry Gerry, her husband of 40+ years.  They are proud parents of two children Athan and Alexis, and are committed to maintaining a strong family life including importance of service to others.

At the age of 22, she was appointed on the first Philoptochos Board of Saints Constantine and Helen in Cardiff by the Sea, California.  A few years after being on the Board, she was appointed Philoptochos President of her Chapter.  She is currently Metropolis of San Francisco Philoptochos President, Executive Council of the Metropolis of San Francisco and Saint Nicholas Ranch.  Jeannie has been a National Philoptochos member for over 15 years and co-chaired the National Philoptochos Convention in Phoenix, Arizona during the 2012 Clergy-Laity Congress of the Archdiocese.

Jeannie offers her time, talents and her stewardship at the Metropolis and Archdiocese on multiple levels including the Ecumenical Patriarchate. She continues to support the Monastery of the Theotokos, The Life-Giving Spring and has been given many blessings.

Evangeline Scurtis

Second Vice President- Evangeline Mekras Scurtis

Evangeline Mekras Scurtis is a lifelong member of Saint Sophia Cathedral in Miami, Florida, and is an active member on the Parish Council.  She is currently serving as Second Vice President of National Philoptochos, and has been a contributing member of the National Board for many years.  She is a Past President of the Atlanta Metropolis Philoptochos, and has held other offices for the Saint Sophia Parish Chapter Philoptochos.  She has chaired many events and missions for her Chapter and Metropolis.

She has been the Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon Chair, Hospitality Chair for a National Clergy-Laity as well as a Program Co-Chair, and coordinated a fundraiser for the Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy. She serves on the Board of Trustees for Saint Basil Academy and Saint Photios Shrine, and was honored with the Medal of Saint Paul.  She founded the South Florida Philoptochos Medical Ministry and has volunteered for over 20 years assisting pre and post organ transplant patients primarily from Greece.

She is married to John C. Scurtis, Archon and South Florida Regional Commander, and they have three children.  She is a yiayia to eight adored grandchildren.

Joanne Stavrakas
032018 Prof Headshot
Martha Stefanidakis
Georgia Vlitas

Third Vice President- Joanne Stavrakas

Joanne Stavrakas is a member of the Annunciation Philoptochos in Chicago, Illinois, where she served as President, and is also a Past President of the Metropolis of Chicago Philoptochos Board, where she held several other offices since becoming a Member of the Board in 1995.

In 1998 she was appointed to the National Board, where she served and chaired various committees.  Present service includes, member of the Board of Trustees for Saint Basil Academy, Saint Photios Shrine and the Saint Iakovos Retreat Center, the Midwest IOCC Committee since its inception in 1992, and the Metropolis of Chicago Oratorical Committee.

Joanne is a retired high school mathematics teacher in the Chicago Public School System, currently a volunteer for early educational programs in an area pre-school. She has been married to Dean for more than 45 years, and has two sons and two grandchildren.

Secretary- Barbara Pasalis

Barbara Pasalis was appointed to the National Philoptochos Board in 2006 by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America, and has served 8 years as Co-Chair of Public Relations and 2 years as Chair of Office Administration. In 2008, she was Co-Chair of the Philoptochos Banquet at the National Philoptochos Convention held in Washington, D.C. She chaired the Convention Documents committee twice, and also served on the 2013 Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon committee in Pittsburgh, PA.

Barbara has been an active member of her local Philoptochos chapter serving as President, Vice President and Treasurer. In addition, she has served on the Metropolis of Pittsburgh Philoptochos Board for over a decade, currently as Treasurer.

Professionally, Barbara founded Northcoast Educational Consulting, an educational consulting business to help high school students navigate college admissions. She is a member of many professional national organizations, including the Independent Educational Consultants Association for which she served on the Executive Board. Barbara was born in Columbus, Ohio and has lived in the Cleveland, Ohio area since 1977 when she married Thano Pasalis (deceased). Barbara has two sons and a granddaughter. She has been a member of Saint Demetrios Church, Rocky River since 1977.

Treasurer - Martha Stefanidakis

Martha Stefanidakis is a member of the Annunciation Cathedral Philoptochos in Houston, Texas where she resides with her husband, George. They are the parents of 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Martha grew up in Marlboro, Massachusetts.  She has been a Philoptochos member for more than 30 years and has served in all offices in her chapter and as Chapter President for 12 years. She also served as President of the Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos Board for 4 years. Martha has served on the Annunciation Cathedral Parish council and currently serves on the Metropolis of Denver Council.

Martha was appointed to the National Board by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos in 1994 and served on the Finance Committee and as Assistant Treasurer under the leadership of President Aphrodite Skeadas.  Martha was the Chair of the 2005 Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon held in Dallas, Texas, and served as a Tri-Chair of the 2014 National Philoptochos Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Assistant Treasurer- Georgia Vlitas

Assistant Treasurer Georgia Vlitas is a Staten Island, New York native and a parishioner of Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas.  She is a staff developer and former teacher for the New York City Department of Education. She has a B.A. in Math and Spanish and an M.S. in Education.

Georgia is currently First Vice President of her Philoptochos chapter as well as Director of the Sunday School Program at Holy Trinity-St. Nicholas.  She held many positions on the Direct Archdiocesan District Philoptochos Board, including president.  She has co-chaired two National Philoptochos Conventions, been Convention Secretary and also Registration Chair.  Georgia is currently a member of the Board of Directors of St. Basil Academy.

Georgia has been married to Petros since college and they have one daughter, TinaMarie.

Jennifer Constantin

Direct Archdiocesan District President- Jennifer Constantin

Jennifer Constantin has been President of the Direct Archdiocesan District Philoptochos Board since the fall of 2013. Jennifer first joined Philoptochos at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Manhattan in 1991. She later served as President of Philoptochos of the Church of Our Saviour in Rye, New York. Jennifer brings to the Philoptochos organization extensive experience in philanthropic and civic work including leadership roles in the Junior League of Central Westchester, Scarsdale Committee for Historic Preservation, to her Scarsdale Neighborhood Association, and helping to found the pre-school of her Church in Rye.

Jennifer’s commitment to her Church and community is also expressed through her key leadership role within Philoptochos in raising funds for the rebuilding of Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine. As well, she was instrumental in the raising of funds for the Philoptochos Center for Philanthropy.  She serves on the Board of Saint Michael’s Home and the Direct Archdiocesan District Council.

She has been married to George Constantin for over 25 years. They have two sons Andrew and Alexander. Jennifer is a licensed real estate professional in Scarsdale, New York.  She earned the distinction of being 2016 Five Star Real Estate Agent Award Winner by Westchester Magazine.


Metropolis of Boston President- Athena Kalyvas

Athena Kalyvas was born and raised in Portland, Maine and attended Holy Trinity Church where she participated in many ministries.  Currently, she is a member of the Saint Demetrios Church, Weston, Massachusetts serving on the Parish Council and as alternate Choir Organist.

She has been a dedicated Philoptochos member for over thirty years and has held various positions including past Philoptochos President at Saint George Church, Bethesda, Maryland and Saint Demetrios Church, Weston.  Serving on the Metropolis of Boston Philoptochos Board since 2017, she was appointed as President by His Eminence Metropolitan Methodios in September 2019. In 2018, she had the honor to serve on the Clergy Laity Congress Committee in Boston.

Athena is a graduate of Regis College with a BA in Greek and European History.  Professionally, she has worked in the biotech industry for over twenty years supporting senior management. The Greek Orthodox Church is a focal point in her life inspired by the teachings and examples of her beloved parents, Amalia and Elias Kalyvas.


Metropolis of Denver President- Stella Piches

Stella Piches is a member of the Saint George Greek Orthodox Church Ladies Philoptochos in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she resides with her husband, George. They are the parents of a set of 13 year old twins, Chris and Mary.  Stella grew up in Brooklyn, New York and attended Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church.  She has been a Philoptochos member for more than 25 years and has served in most offices in her chapter.  Stella also currently serves on the Metropolis of Denver Council.

She has served on the Metropolis Board for many years and is in her first term as Metropolis of Denver Philoptochos president. Stella was appointed to the National Board by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios in 2016. Stella has always been an active volunteer, serving her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop as the Service Unit Treasurer since 2016. Stella feels truly humbled and honored to be given this opportunity to serve the Church and her faith through the good works of Philoptochos.

Irene Politis

Metropolis of Atlanta President- Irene Politis 

Irene Politis was born and raised in Macon, Georgia.  In 1978, she married Louie Politis and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where they are active members of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

Irene is a member of Agia Elpis Philoptochos Society.  She has served as President for two terms and has chaired many committees.  She was appointed to the National Philoptochos Board in 2016 by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios, former Archbishop of America, and is serving on the Hellenic College Holy Cross Committee.  His Eminence Alexios, Metropolitan of Atlanta awarded her the Archangel Michael Award in 2014 and appointed her President of the Atlanta Metropolis Philoptochos Board in 2017, where she has served as a board member for several terms.

Irene and Louie are the proud parents of Hope (and her husband John), Pete, and Zoe.


Metropolis of Detroit President- Theone Dickos

Theone Dickos was born and raised in Wabash, Indiana.  She is a member of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Carmel, Indiana.   Holy Trinity was established in Indianapolis in 1910, and the Church built a new temple in 2008 in Carmel, Indiana.

Theone received her BS degree in Biology and Secondary Education and MS degree in Biology  from Butler University, Indianapolis.  Theone taught Biology, and developed two advanced courses of Zoology and Botany at Franklin Central High School in Indianapolis.  She retired from public education in 2011.

The Indianapolis Holy Trinity Philoptochos and Church Community embraced Theone.  She became a Philoptochos board member at the age of 26 and continues to be on the board.  She served as 1stVice President of her chapter for two terms and President for three terms.

In 1998, she was elected to the Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos Board.  She served as Corresponding Secretary for three terms and 2nd Vice President for two terms.

In 2004, Theone was appointed by His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios Geron of America to the National Philoptochos Board.  She co-chaired the National Philoptochos 75th Anniversary Banquet at the 2006 Clergy Laity and Philoptochos Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  She serves as co-chair of the Environment Responsibility Committee and chairs the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OC F) Committee.  She has also served as the chair of the Family and Society Committee.  In 2016, Theone served as the co-chair of the National Philoptochos Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Theone’s parents Milton and Theodora Dickos centered their lives in the church and their family.   Theone has a brother, Dennis Dickos who is a cardiologist in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Metropolis of Pittsburgh President- Crystal Thomas

Crystal G. Thomas is the President of Metropolis of Pittsburgh Ladies Philoptochos since 2015.  She has a lifelong love and interest in the Greek Orthodox Church.  Crystal grew up in Cleveland and Fairview Park Ohio, is a graduate of Cleveland State University and has lived in Rocky River, Ohio since 1982 where she has been an active member of the St. Demetrios parish.

She is happily married to her best friend George Gary Thomas for over 35 years and has three grown children Louis, Stefanie, and Joy, a daughter- in-law Megan and a beautiful granddaughter Fiona.

Crystal has been a committed member of the Philoptochos Society in her chapter at St. Demetrios in Rocky River, Ohio and has served as President twice.  She has served on the Metropolis Philoptochos Board since 2000.  She has had the honor to serve on the National Philoptochos Board since 2005. She had the privilege to co-chair the Philoptochos Banquet at the Clergy-Laity Congress in Washington D.C. that year. It was a celebration of literacy with over 2,000 guest in attendance. She recently was a Co-Chair of the Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where more than $300,000 was raised for children’s medical causes.


Metropolis of New Jersey President- Eleni Constantinides

Eleni Constantinides, née Kalli, migrated to the United States from the island of Cyprus in 1974. Eleni is a graduate of Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

She met her husband Marios Constantinides in Astoria, New York, during the difficult days which followed the Turkish invasion and occupation of their homeland. She and her husband Marios moved to Morris County, New Jersey, where they have been active parishioners of Saint Andrew Greek Orthodox Church, Randolph, New Jersey, for more than 25 years. They have three daughters, Anastasia, a school teacher; Katerina, a hairdresser; and Christina, a physician all of whom attended the Saint Andrew Sunday School, Greek School, GOYA, and the Greek Folk Dancing Group. Until recently, Eleni worked for an engineering/ construction company as a business manager. She is currently enjoying spending time with her husband, her children, and their five grandchildren, Alexie, Parker, Adelyn, Xander, and Walker.

Eleni joined the Saint Andrew Philoptochos soon after she moved to Morris County and has held various positions on the board, including the position of president. She feels very grateful to several Philoptochos women who embraced her and became her mentors, especially Betty Kelly and Anastasia Michals.

She has served on the Metropolis Board for many years and is in her first term as Metropolis of New Jersey Philoptochos president. She also serves on several committees and sub committees for the National Philoptochos Board. She feels blessed and honored to be able to serve her church and her faith in this manner. Volunteerism is Eleni's passion and helping the needy and those less fortunate is something she strongly believes in. Eleni serves as the Social Services Liaison between National and the New Jersey Metropolis. She often says that Social Services is what Philoptochos is all about.

Pam Argyris

Metropolis of Chicago President - Pam Argyris

Pam Argyris was born and raised in Chicago and currently lives in Bartlett, Illinois with her husband of over 45 years, Spero.  She has two children, Michael and Amy, who both reside in Denver and is the yiayia of Niko, who was born in June, 2016.  Pam is a retired educator who spent 30 years in the classroom and has a B.A. in Elementary Education and a M.S. in Educational Curriculum/Instruction.

Pam is an active parishioner at St. Sophia Church in Elgin, Illinois and has been a Philoptochos member for over 34 years serving in positions including president of her chapter.  She has been a member of the Metropolis of Chicago Philoptochos Board since 1999 and has held many positions on that board, and is currently serving as the Metropolis Philoptochos President.

She was appointed to the National Board in 2004 by Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America, and has served on many committees during her years on the Board.  She has co-chaired the Literacy Committee, co-chaired the OCF Committee, participated in the Environmental Responsibility Committee, co-chaired the Awards Committee for two National Conventions, chaired the Chapter Challenge Committee for the 2016 National Philoptochos Convention and is a member of the Philoptochos Leadership Institute.

She is currently serving as the General Chair of the 2019 Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon, which will be held on Saturday, November 16, 2019.

Maria Stav

Protocol Officer- Maria Stavropoulos

A lifelong resident of Michigan, Maria Stavropoulos lives in Bloomfield Hills with her husband, Gus.  A few years ago the couple celebrated the major milestone of their 50th wedding anniversary with their four children and 14 grandchildren. Gus is an Archon of the Ecumenical Patriarchate and the couple are faithful members of Leadership 100.

Maria began singing in the church choir at age 12 and sings in the choir to this day, at Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Westland, Michigan.  She also manages the church bookstore.  She is on the Board of the Metropolis of Detroit Philoptochos, where she served as Treasurer for six years.

Maria was appointed to the National Board in 1988, by His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos of blessed memory.  She has served on the Executive Board in the positions of Second and Third Vice President numerous times and is currently the National Philoptochos Protocol Officer.  Maria chaired the 2003 Children’s Medical Fund Luncheon in Dearborn, Michigan (with guest speaker Nia Vardalos), co-chaired the 2006 National Philoptochos Biennial Convention in Nashville and co-chaired the Thyranixia (opening) of the Philoptochos Center of Philanthropy.  In addition, Maria is also on the Board of St. Basil Academy. 

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